Nov 25, 2020

COROS Compatibility

SportTracks now supports auto-sync with COROS watches

We're happy to announce that SportTracks now fully supports auto-sync with COROS watches! This feature supports the PACE, APEX and VERTIX models.

To get started, install the COROS app on your phone and connect your app with an account on the website. Next pop over to the SportTracks website, click your profile photo in the upper right corner of the website and click the "My Account" button to view your account settings.

Click the "Sharing" tab on the right, then hit the "+Connect" button.

On the next screen select the COROS icon.

From there you will be brought to a page to authenticate yourself. This may require logging into the COROS website. When logged in, you will be asked to give SportTracks permission to access your COROS account. Click the "Authorize" button. Lastly, select the "Finish" button and you're done!

When you finish a workout on your COROS it will be uploaded to your phone app. From there it will be sent to the coros data center and then synched over to SportTracks within a few minutes. Once the workout has been synced to SportTracks you can edit or annotate the data or use it for advanced analysis.


Great to hear ST is supporting Auto-Sync with Coros now, Aaaron!

However, I'm with Sporttracks since years because I want to avoid having my data spread online on all the differnet companies servers. [Your's are fine though... ;-) ]
So, as no Auto Sync with my devices: can I use a Coros with Sporttracks manually? Like e.g. all my Garmins, where I just connect to the PC and manuall import the FIT File after Training?

I'm really tempted with Coros and it's Pace 2, but a manual import is crucial and a must have for any Software or Watch/Bike Computer I use. So Fingers crossed it's possible.


To my knowledge there are no mainstream companies making watches now that allow you to access raw data off the device without a connected service infrastructure, including COROS. If you're wanting to do this kind of legacy "manual import" of data files you might check out phone apps that record workout info. Of course most of those now have moved to an integrated sync experience - it's a baseline expectation of tech today.

Thanks for that info Aaron! I wasn't aware... not even Garmin? I've got older ones, so a new Garmin Fenix, FR or Edge will have no way for manual upload at all?

My FR 920XT and Edge 1000 are still allowing this when hooked up to the PC, they register as Storage devices.

Do you know by any chance when this cut was?

"it's a baseline expectation of tech today" - yeah, I do realise that. It's a shame though.